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About Us

VeMET Stamps

VeMET Stamp and Seals is a leading Stamp making Company in Ghana. The Company was established in 2012 to solve the deficiencies in the Ghanaian stamps industry. Since its establishment, the company can proudly boast of assisting thousands of businesses to have access to high quality and varieties of stamps to choose without the need for large investment.

We guarantee that, you will be satisfied with all products ordered from VeMET Stamps and Seals


  • We offer the best price in market
  • We are reliable and offer fast delivery service.
  • We pay attention to superior quality and best services.


Embossing seals

Our embossers are perfect match for all corporate institutions, businesses, and religious bodies who want to authentic their documents. With our embossers, one is guarantee of getting cleaner impression with minimal efforts. The embossers are available in pocket type, desktop type and electronic type to meet any style of budget.


Our self inking stamp is using the latest technology to incorporate text and logo on a hard rubber which last for ages. Self inking stamp eliminate the use of ink pad making stamping easy, fast and accurate. The self-inking stamp is perfect for repetitive stamping.

We make available different shapes, size and ink colors to choose from


The mobile way of stamping! The pocket stamp is design in a way that it can fit the pocket and easy to carry around. Is an Ideal Stamp for people who are always on the move. This stamp is highly recommended for all areas of profession.


Self inking date stamp help you to reduce time with repetitive writing and let you stamp to the message or date on document at ease. It has an easy turn date band of at least 10 current years.

The self-inking date stamp comes in different shapes, size and different ink color to meet the buyer’s choice  


The flash stamp has foam that allows a text or an image to be incorporated on it by using the flash technology. Basically, Pre ink / Flash stamp do not require the use of separate stamp pad since it has about 50,000 impressions and it can be re-ink


How do I contact you?

You can reach us via email

Phone: +233 (0) 244777528 / +233 (0) 244501048

How do I place an order?

Send us an image of the stamp you prefer

Provide us with information you need on the stamp

How soon will my order be delivered?

All stamps ordered before 12:00 noon would be delivered within the same day.

Seals ordered will be ready within the 24:00 hours

Can I order outside Accra?

Yes, you can but payment must be made first before the parcel is dispatched

Do you accept purchase order / credit to companies?

Generally we accept purchase on credit on large volume of stamps and seals. This offer is available to businesses / government entities which have been in existence for over 5 years or more.

Terms and conditions apply.

What are your stands on volume discount?

We offer very competitive price to clients who want to purchase large volume of stamps, embossing seals and any of our products. We have been working since 2012 to fulfill thousands of orders and getting it done to meet any style of budget.

10% discount on items valued over $300.00

Products questions and answers

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(VeMET Stamps Team)

VeMET Stamps Team